Tonight is a black night.
It’s been a fortnight since you deserted me,
I lay on the hood like we used to.
Up there; behind the clouds
you play with me,
I look up and you hide.
I look down,
your effulgence denounces that you came out.

But tonight is a black night.

Where is your comely transit?
Complete darkness surrounds me,
nimbus overpowered the sky.

I warn you.

It will rain but not rain,
and when you come out,
I would go, forever.

I warn you.

If I am incomplete so are you,
if I am in dark so are you,
and if you hide, so would I.

I warn you.

No more chasing,
you have become out of reach.
That brilliance would no more attract,
that stealing would no more fascinate.

I warn you.

Come back.
For it is difficult to remember,
effortless is to forget.

I warn you.

If I am alone, so are you,
in this unbroken world
I am solitary,
In that unbroken sky
you are solitary.

Tonight may be a black night
but it is not undying
and when you take shape,
I would walk out.

Tonight may be a black night,
but tonight will pass into nothingness
and you will lose your existence.
You will lose me.

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