With light treading horizons,
receding tides in effulgence,
leaves swirling in white foam
and ripening raspberries,
lost were melodies of childhood,
laughter of innocence.

In between murmurs and
absolute silence, undulating pain absorbed his
naïve nipples.

A little puddle of drool on
daddy’s chest,
for he knew no words.

Count on stars and lullaby hours,
for he knew the time for
bruises, bites, burn and ache.

Digging fingers and licking tongue
wasn’t a girlfriend’s delight,
he now know words but
void were they,
voices defined peripheries, dull and deaden
he lay.

Another decade flew away.

He know no boundaries, no room in his
room of scars,
in trickling blood from
stung lips, breathing breaches, scratched gap,
rouged face and earnest eyes,
fearless he stood.

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