Life sneaks through parallel bars
awaiting awakenings; not of an embodiment
but of souls connecting you and me, strengthening bonds;
family and friends, it peeps through the windows
to admire common happenings yet uncommon;
butterflies skirting the waterfalls, undistinguished colors of
a rainbow, the silhouette of mountains shining in night foam,
refraining to die every season and  just die for once,
to understand the unfathomable beauty and magnificent
doings of nature, to build little by little of every moment
crossing by and not reserve chairs to sit paralysed,
to hold and freeze dramatic awakenings of
summer of 1969.


10 thoughts on “Awakenings

      • Thank you, As you see I have now done so.

        I found that the best/easiest way to approach the construction of a villanelle is to start by identifying the (potential) words you want and/or could use:
        – 7 words with ‘a’ rhyme. (2 to be used 4 times; 5 to be used once each.)
        – 6 words with ‘b’ rhyme. (Each be used once.)

        Then compose your first and third lines and insert them the other places where they will be repeated, before beginning to tackle the remaining lines.

        It is of course a lot easier to do that on screen than on paper. 🙂

        I hope this will be helpful. Good luck!


      • Yeah. It is very much helpful. Hope to see the product soon.

        On a personal note, I feel that such kind of things restrict your thoughts but so true is the fact that they enhance your brevity and framing.

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      • It invites you to look deeper into who you are, what you really wish to say, why you want to say it and how best can you say it. There is of course a cost, but the dividend if we persevere far outweighs the cost.

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  1. Him or her ,
    Awakenings to the hope gives wisdom to believe that mightbe someday ,one whom you loves would smile back….
    You have never talked to the one whom you love but when he or she awakens that you love him or her is awesome…
    Awakened thoughts revealed the secrets of love … as I believe.
    -him or her
    # Refugees on my blog


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