The courtroom for existense

The lock to my smile belong to your conscious signs of my existence, sadness to your oblivion,
I do have eyes to look into my reflection, but I crave your gaze, this soul seeks for ephemeral pleasures reaped out of expectations;
a curse to dead living bodies,
I do have bottled love to applaud my creation, but I count the hours for your appreciation.
Sold bodies. Period.

3 thoughts on “The courtroom for existense

  1. Reblogged this on Cuddling Space and commented:
    Love is emphasizing body to be deployed
    in each and every part of our life guide
    Which is neither to be created
    Nor to be distroyed;

    Expectations of love are sorted,
    but , they must not be harted,
    as they are falsely manipulated.

    Expectations are there
    Then only;
    Love is cared.


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