Literary ‘dead’

Pen; a shamefully legalized sword and
a paper of forced reflections, I am just
a rented massacre frantically walking on a narrow lane,
burdened with ostracized thoughts and glimpses of reality;
denied, I was once told that my words have the power
to change the stagnant and uplift the meek voices,
but I am a fiction; dead, poetry; marginalized,
a novel unheard
for all they wear is white and all I know is to stain.

9 thoughts on “Literary ‘dead’

  1. Beauty;
    Functionality of pen is quite similar to life
    every time it empties; we have to refill it
    similarly we have to rejuvenate ourself to remove the emptiness of life
    but when pen gets older we throw it
    In the same way ; we also die.
    so; we use pen for expressing our life and emotions as they are very similar to our lifestyle.


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