Midnight thoughts

When the crisp night was sinking into my vision
and I just latched memories to ruminate on;
on the hinges of the other night, I saw my limbs,
Aah!! yours are so much like me,
neither I know your name nor the cradle of your lullabies
yet you owe me reflections;
exact dimensions and the processes of living,
it’s not that I hate your color, it’s just I like mine more.
I don’t understand what is the fuss all about,
when my white is easier to stain than your black
and in the end, we both are going to be reduced to

9 thoughts on “Midnight thoughts

  1. Silhouette defines the exsistence.
    It’s shade is similar for every thing whether dead or alive; white or black.
    It doesn’t discriminates.
    When shadows overlap , it’s
    strength increases.
    Shadow are what?
    They are ourself
    So, in the same manner
    If humans unite without any
    Discrimination, strength of
    Human Race automatically


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